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Share your passion for predictive analytics with like-minded professionals at Predictive Analytics World Chicago, June 25-26. Discover cutting-edge techniques and insight from top organizations such as Adobe, City of Chicago, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Silicon Valley Bank, and Western Union, just to name a few.

What are your peers saying about this conference? See for yourself….

"Hands down, best applied analytics conference I have ever attended. Great exposure to cutting-edge predictive techniques and I was able to turn around and apply some of those learning's to my work immediately. I've never been able to say that after any conference I've attended before!"
– Jon Francis, Senior Statistician, T-Mobile

"This event brought together all people involved with predictive analytics: analysts, consultants, corporate clients, software and hardware vendors. All participants shared their views on what is hot in Predictive Analytics World, both through thought-stimulating talks and rich, prolific networking. With its focus on innovation in methodology, applications and implementation, the event met the highest expectations and provided a rewarding experience for all participants."
– Marianna Dizik, Statistician, Google Inc.

"I came to PAW because it provides case studies relevant to my industry. It has lived up to the expectation and I think it's the best analytics conference I've ever attended!"
– Shaohua Zhang, Senior Data Mining Analyst, Rogers Telecommunications

"Cutting costs using predictive analytics is not science fiction; PAW showed us the path – top companies demonstrated reality."
– Santhosh Kumar Shanmugam, Senior Statistician, Expedia

"I felt that PAW was one-of-a-kind. Typically any type of thought leadership conference might be 90% generalized or theoretical sessions, whereas PAW was almost all strategic/tactical sessions. It is the only conference I have attended thus far that has challenged me to take my strategic and analytical thinking to the next level. I think that is the value."
– Jared Vestal, Director of Marketing Analytics, RESTAURANT.COM

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