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Machine Learning Week Las Vegas

Welcome to Machine Learning Week (MLW), including the Predictive Analytics World (PAW) and Deep Learning World (DLW) conferences and a combined 2-day expo floor. PAW is a collection of vertical, pure-play, cross-vendor conferences covering the commercial deployment of predictive analytics and DLW covers deep learning and AI. As such, MLW draws a unique pool of attendees, which consists largely of two main groups:

  1. Business leaders and decision-makers employing – or planning to employ – predictive analytics or deep learning (“AI”) to solve business challenges
  2. Core practitioners tasked with deploying and operating predictive analytics and deep learning tools

As the leading commercial event, MLW is the go-to place where top analytics vendors meet new clients. If your company wishes to raise the profile of your analytics solution, this conference is a natural fit.

Machine Learning Week Las Vegas — the facts:











Why Sponsor

  • MLW sponsors see a strong ROI- 33% of returning sponsors increased their sponsorship level
  • 30% of sponsors signed on for another MLW show within the same year in a different city
  • Greater than 46% of MLW attendees were likely to consider a new analytics vendor solution
  • 28% of attendees have direct decision making responsibility
  • 41% of attendees say they look forward to networking in the exhibit hall with leading vendors
  • 26% of the attendees work for companies larger than 5,000 employees
  • Shape the future of predictive analytics by meeting face to face with the largest predictive analytics community
  • Predictive Analytics World is the first and leading pure-play, cross-vendor conference covering the commercial deployment of predictive analytics

Each PAW/DLW conference boasts a completely new, value-packed line-up of industry leaders and advanced practitioners, with very little overlap between events.

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