June 25-26, 2012
Chicago, IL
Delivering on the promise of data science
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All level tracks Track 1 sessions are for all levels.
Track 2 sessions are expert/practitioner level.

Agenda Overview – Chicago – June 25 - 26, 2012
Pre-Conference Workshop: Sunday, June 24, 2012
Half-day WorkshopAll level tracks
JMP, R, and SAS:
the Beauty of Multiple Paradigms

Matthew J. Flynn, Director of Claims Research, Travelers Insurance
Sponsored by: JMP
Room: CC21A

DAY 1: Monday, June 25, 2012
8:00-9:00am Registration & Breakfast
Room: W196
Persuasion by the Numbers: Optimize Marketing Influence by Predicting It
Eric Siegel, Program Chair, Predictive Analytics World
Room: W190A
9:45-10:05am Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Raising the Bar for Predictive Analytics Deployment: The Newest Techniques
Jason Verlen, IBM Software Group

Room: W190A
10:05-10:15am Gold Sponsor Presentation
Predict who is Persuadable Before you Market
Patrick Surry, Pitney Bowes Software

Room: W190A
10:15-10:40am Breaks / Exhibits Room: W196
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
10:40-11:00am Public Sector Fraud Detection

Case Study: City of Chicago All level tracks
Lessons from Year One:
Predictive Analytics in Government

Brett Goldstein, City of Chicago
Case Study: USPS Office of Inspector General
Fraud Detection: Fraught with Frightful Modeling Hurdles
Antonia de Medinaceli, Elder Research, Inc.
11:05-11:25am Segment Analysis
Case Study: MTV Networks
Predictive Social Marketing Sentiment Forecasting and Impact on Success
John Bates, Adobe
11:30am-12:15pm Expert Panel
Wise Enterprise: Best Practices for Managing Predictive Analytics
Kathy Lange, SAS Business Analytics Practice
Jason Verlen, IBM Software Group
Antonia de Medinaceli, Elder Research, Inc.
Room: W190A
12:15-12:25pm Gold Sponsor Presentation
Using Analytics to Inform Human Capital Decisions That Drive Business Outcomes

Koren Ichihara, Sears Holdings Corporation
Room: W190A
12:25-12:40pm Lightning Round of 2-Minute Sponsor Presentations
Room: W190A
12:40-1:40pm Lunch / Exhibits
Lunch Sponsored by:
Room: W196
1:40-2:25pm Special Plenary Session
Multiple Case Studies: Anheuser-Busch, the SSA, Netflix
Data Mining Lessons Learned - Technical & Business - From Applied Projects
John Elder, CEO & Founder, Elder Research, Inc.
Room: W190A
2:25-2:45pm Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Predicting Risks Using a Subjective Model:
Utilizing Subject Matter Expertise and Clustering to Estimate Environmental Hazard

Donald Monson, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

Room: W190A
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
2:50-3:10pm Crowdsourcing Predictive Analytics Social Media Analytics
Case Study: Allstate & Wikipedia All level tracks
Predictive Analytics: Why 25,000 Heads Are Better Than One

Karthik Sethuraman, Kaggle
Case Study: Topsy Labs
Leveraging Social Media to Identify Predictive Behaviors
Jamie de Guerre, Topsy
3:15-3:35pm Market Research Social Data; Text Analytics
Case Study: Microsoft All level tracks
Combining Customer Behavior & Attitudes Newer Ways to Gather Data, Leverage Analytics & Take Smarter Product & Marketing Decisions
Jeff Ahlquist, Microsoft
Puneet Piplani, Mu Sigma
Case Study: British Broadcasting

Data Mining for Social Moderation
Mark Tabladillo & Paco Gonzalez, SolidQ
Plenary Session
Social Data for Financial Indicators
Case Study: AlphaGenius
Sentiment Investing - Above Market Returns Extracting & Analyzing Twitter & the
Social Internet

Randy Saaf, AlphaGenius
4:00-4:35pm Breaks / Exhibits
Room: W196
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
4:35-4:55pm Customer Retention; Financial Services Insurance
Case Study: PaychexAll level tracks
Combat Client Churn with Predictive Analytics
Frank Fiorille, Paychex, Inc.
Case Study: Travelers Insurance
Insurance and R
Matthew Flynn, Travelers Insurance
5:00-5:20pm Insurance & Big data
Case Study: Allstate
A Brave New World - Predictive Model Development with Hadoop, Rhadoop, & R
Joe Kleinhenz, Big Data Analytics & Mark Slusar, Allstate
5:25-5:45pm Blackbox Trading Advanced Predictive Modeling Methods
Algorithmic Trading: How to Avoid Fooling Yourself When Searching for an Investment Edge All level tracks
John Elder, Elder Research, Inc.
Case Study: Nielsen & a financial services enterprise
Finding Consumers More Accurately and Actionably Using Data Mining Tools
Dimitar Antov, The Nielsen Company
5:50-6:10pm Analytical Traction
Case Study: Interclick
What is the Analytic Maturity of Your Company and How Can You Improve It?
Robert Grossman, Open Data Group & the University of Chicago
6:10-7:30pm Reception / Exhibits
Room: W196

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Conference Day 2: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
8:00-9:00am Registration & Breakfast
Room: W196
Predictive Analytics and Business Performance
Bruno Aziza, Director of Worldwide Strategy Lead in Business Intelligence, Microsoft
Room: W190A
9:45-10:00am Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Managing Forward: Analytics For Today's Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Consumer
Larry Freed, ForeSee

Room: W190A
10:00-10:05am Gold Sponsor Presentation
Mu Sigma A Brief Introduction
Prathap Venkatesan, Mu Sigma

Room: W190A
10:05-10:15am Gold Sponsor Presentation
Big Data Insights in a Rush
Mike Hoskins, Pervasive Software

Room: W190A
10:15-10:45am Breaks / Exhibits
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
  Thought Leadership Telecommunications
10:45-11:05am Case Study: An Insurance CompanyAll level tracks
Business Friendly Data Mining
James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions
Case Study: Nokia-Siemens Networks
Understanding Mobile User Outages: Predictive Analytics in Wireless Broadband Networks
Shirish Nagaraj & Kashyap Kamdar, Nokia-Siemens Networks
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
11:05-11:25am Text Analytics HR Analytics
Cross-Language Text Analytics: Overcoming Language Barriers All level tracks
Meta Brown, LinguaSys
Case Study: U.S. Special Forces
Hiring and Selecting Key Personnel Using Predictive Analytics
Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics
11:30am-12:15pm Sponsored Lab Sponsored Lab
Lab Session: Live Topical Demo All level tracks
Using Spatial and Predictive Analytics to Supercharge Location-Based Marketing Decisions
Dan Putler, Alteryx & Greg T. Bucko, Southern States Cooperative, Inc.
Lab Session: Live Topical Demo
Improving Sales Forecasts Using IBM Predictive Analytics
John Hassman, United Stationers, Inc.
12:15-1:20pm Lunch / Exhibits
Room: W196
Predictive Analytics For the Win: Data Science Meets the Quiz Show Jeopardy!
Roger Craig, Analytical Jeopardy! Winner & CEO, Cotinga
Room: W190A
2:05-2:20pm Lightning Round of 2-Minute Sponsor Presentations
Room: W190A
2:20-2:30pm Break/Exhibits
Room: W196
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
2:35-2:55pm HR Analytics Healthcare Analytics
Case Study: Hewlett-PackardAll level tracks
An Innovative Approach to Analyze Employee Satisfaction Response in Light of Customer Satisfaction Response
Jyotirmay Nag, Hewlett-Packard
Case Study: Pfizer
Right Medicine, Right Patient
Max Kuhn, Pfizer
3:00-3:20pm Workplace Behavior Modeling; Enterprise Dynamics Telecommunications

Modeling Project Leaders' Perceptions of Their Clients All level tracks
David Perkins, Grand Canyon University
Case Study: Accenture
Next Generation Mobile Analytics - Combining the Power of Real Time Data with
Predictive Analytics

MeiMei Lim, Accenture
3:20-3:55pm Breaks / Exhibits
Room: W196
  Track 1: All Levels
Room: W192B
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Room: W190A
3:55-4:15pm Financial Services Data Visualizations
Case Study: Silicon Valley BankAll level tracks
Advanced Analytics inside the
Banking Industry

Kirtida Parikh, Silicon Valley Bank
Case Study: eBay
Experimentation - From visual data exploration to decisions
Vijay Madhavan, eBay Inc.
4:20-4:40pm Targeting Marketing Customer Retention
Case Study: MicrosoftAll level tracks
Getting Management to Act on Driver Models
Marco Vriens, The Modellers LLC
Case Study: Hewlett-Packard
Modeling Consumer Attrition in a Non-Contractual Setting
Pranjal Mallick & Sweta Agrawal, Hewlett-Packard
4:45-5:05pm Forecasting Demand Real Estate Market Scoring
Case Study: Large Movie StudioAll level tracks
Using Big Data to Optimize and Predict Opening Week at the Box Office
Bart Flaherty & Anthony Miyake, GroupM Business Science
Case Study: Altos Research
There & Back Again: Model Interpretability in Real Estate Market Scoring
Ben Gimpert, Altos Research
Plenary Session
Reliability Modeling
Case Study: Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Mahesh Kumar & Satish Vutukuru, Tiger Analytics

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Post-Conference Workshop: Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Full-day WorkshopAll level tracks Full-day WorkshopAll level tracks
The Best & the Worst of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Modeling Methods & Common Data Mining Mistakes
John Elder, CEO & Founder, Elder Research, Inc
Room: W192A
R for Predictive Modeling: A Hands-On Introduction
Max Kuhn, Director, Nonclinical Statistics, Pfizer
Room: CC21C

Pre-Conference Workshop: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Full-day WorkshopAll level tracks
Advanced Methods Hands-on: Predictive Modeling Techniques
Dean Abbott, President, Abbott Analytics
Sponsored by: Statsoft
Room: W195

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