PAW Sessions: Financial, Fraud and Insurance

PAW San Francisco, March 14-15, demonstrates best practices in the application of predictive analytics across industry verticals. For example, check out these conference sessions in financial services, fraud management, insurance and risk:

Aaron Lai, Bank of America

Aaron from Bank of America:

How do Peers Evaluate Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Joel Kleinman, Bank of the West

Joel from Bank of the West:

Effectively Incorporating Internet Data in Customer Value Models

Michael Murff, Paypal

Michael from PayPal — on fraud detection:

Bagging Trees for Online Analytic Scoring Engine

Piyanka Jain, PayPal

Piyanka from PayPal:

Putting Predictive Analytics into Context: The Analytics Value Chain

Kathleen Kane, Fidelity Investments

Kathleen and Jane from Fidelity:

True-Lift Modeling: Mining for the Most Truly Responsive Customers and Prospects

Jane Zheng, Fidelity Investments  
David Andre, Ph.D.

David from Cerebellum Capital:

Black Box Trading: Analytics in the Land of the Vampire Squid

Neha Swetambari, ICIC Bank (India)

Neha from ICIC Bank (India):

Leveraging Customer Network

Antonia de Medinaceli, Elder Research

Antonia from Elder Research:

Fighting the Good Fraud Fight — USPS Office of Inspector General

Eric Siegel, Ph.D., conference chair of Predictive Analytics World

Eric, conference chair of Predictive Analytics World:

Five Ways Predictive Analytics Cuts Enterprise Risk

James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions

James from Decision Management Solutions:

Deploying Analytics with a Rules-Based Infrastructure — Fiserv and Varolii

John C. Brocklebank, Ph.D., SAS Solutions OnDemand

John from SAS Solutions OnDemand:

The Hefty Toll of Fraud: How to Leverage Predictive Analytics and Social Network Analysis

Predictive Analytics World features over 40 sessions across 2 tracks covering hot topics and advanced methods such as uplift modeling (net lift), ensemble models, social data (6 sessions), search marketing, crowdsourcing, blackbox trading, fraud detection, risk management, survey analysis, and other innovative applications that benefit organizations in new and creative ways.

Download the PAW Conference Preview Guide or view the Predictive Analytics World Agenda