Wise Practitioner – Predictive Analytics Interview Series: Marty Kohn, M.D. of Jointly Health

By: Jeff Deal, Program Chair, Predictive Analytics World Healthcare

In anticipation of his upcoming conference keynote at Predictive Analytics World Healthcare in Boston, “Big Data and Clinical Decision Support,” we asked Marty Kohn, M.D., Chief Medical Scientist at Jointly Health, a few questions about his work in predictive analytics.

Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what area of healthcare are you focused on (i.e., clinical outcomes, insurance, quality improvement, etc.)?

A: Jointly Health focuses on patients with complex chronic diseases to improve health, reduce avoidable hospitalizations and acute care events and, as a result of decreased need for expense acute care, reduce costs.

Q: What outcomes do your models predict?

A: We predict which patients are likely to deteriorate so that a timely intervention can avoid the problem.

Q: How does predictive analytics deliver value at your organization? What is one specific way in which it actively drives decisions?

A: By identifying patterns in home monitoring physiologic data, coupled with interaction with the patient and the patient’s caregivers, we can give the care team early warning of a worsening of the patient’s clinical status. We develop such patterns in a way that is unique for each patient, allowing the care team sufficient warning to treat the problem when it is more likely to be successful.

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