By: Eric Siegel, Founder, Predictive Analytics World

In anticipation of her upcoming conference presentation, 7 Examples of Customer Retention with Predictive Email Marketing at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, May 14-18, 2017, we asked Kristina Pototska, CMO at TriggMine, a few questions about kristina-pototskaya-imageher work in predictive analytics.

Q: In your work with predictive analytics, what behavior or outcomes did your models predict?

A: We launched predictive analytics for eCommerce websites with the goal of dramatically increasing customer retention. We aimed for a specific target audience, boosted engagement, reduced turnover rates, drove more conversions and increased revenue for every email campaign our clients ran.

Q: How does predictive analytics increase profits? Name one specific way in which it directly drives customer decisions.

A: Our Company provides email marketing automation for eCommerce, which isn't really new to the market. And there should always be room for improvement. That's why we started with predictive analytics, which we knew would deliver greater personalization and increased revenue for every email campaign we send. Now, predictive analytics is one of our standout features, the one that offers the best value for our customers.

Q: Can you describe a quantitative result, such as your model's predictive increase or ROI from an analytics campaign?

A: The first email campaign we optimized using predictive analytics was abandoned carts recovery. We had a 100% conversion increase in the first month alone — same for the click-rate.

Following that, we implemented predictive technologies in our other email campaigns and saw the same fantastic results. Now, our customers are seeing an average ROI hovering at about 2000%.

Q: What surprising discovery have you found in your data?

A: The first discovery for me was the amount of data we already had. We'd been collecting it over a three-year period but never touched it. However, when we started to analyze that data, we were suddenly able to create in-depth customer profiles, including portraits of and predictions for the lifetime value of each customer, their click rates, as well as their likelihood of purchasing or abandoning their carts.

That's when I discovered the incredible power of predictive technology.

Q: Sneak preview: Please give us a take-away you'll later (also) provide during your talk at Predictive Analytics World.

A: The attendees will be able to implement our proven technology, already tested on eCommerce websites in order to send more personalized and behavior-based emails, create in-depth customer profiles and lookalike portraits, present better offers that customers are more likely to click, decrease abandonment and increase revenue with every email they send.

My presentation offers case-studies that will show attendees well-tested methods for vastly improving their email marketing — even if they don't think they need it.


Don't miss Kristina’s conference presentation, 7 Examples of Customer Retention with Predictive Email Marketing on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 11:20 to 11:40 am at Predictive Analytics World San Francisco. Click here to register to attend.

By: Eric Siegel, Founder, Predictive Analytics World