We all know data preparation can be foreboding, yet is absolutely critical. But do we really know how forboding – yet how critical – it promises to be?

Join us for an Information Management “Espresso Shot Web Seminar,” on which I will be speaking along with Kyle Weeks, PhD, Director of Product Management, SPSS, an IBM Company.

Minding Data before Data Mining: Successful Data Preparation

March 25, 2010, 12:00PM ET

You’ll learn new techniques for speeding through data preparation – without sacrificing the reliability of your results. You’ll hear how you can:

– Clean up “dirty” data in a few easy steps
– Keep outliers or other anomalies from skewing your data¥and your results
– Impute values for missing data using proven, reliable techniques
– Automate data preparation while maintaining a clear, detailed view of your data

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