Predictive Analytics World has announced the results of its survey of current and future users of predictive analytics software and services, vendors and consultants. The survey findings indicate a widespread move toward predictive analytics technology in order to guide better business and marketing decisions. According to the survey, the vast majority of those who have already deployed predictive analytics are experiencing increased ROI from online channels.

The Predictive Analytics World survey was designed to discover how companies are currently using or plan to use predictive analytics technology in the future, what applications are most important across verticals as well as the primary motivations and expectations for deploying the technology. Of the respondents who indicated they were from corporate, non-profit or government organizations, 51.5 percent have never deployed predictive analytics. However, roughly 85 percent have plans to do so within the next five years, with 51.5 percent planning to do so in the next six months.

Perhaps the most promising insight revealed by the Predictive Analytics World survey is that the majority of respondents who have deployed predictive analytics have attained a positive ROI, even for their least successful initiative. In their most successful deployment of predictive analytics, 90.1 percent of respondents saw a lift in ROI.

Click here for a complete analysis of the survey results (PDF file).

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