Predictive Analytics World – Oct 20-21 in Washington, DC – ( is focused on the effective application of predictive analytics for business benefit. Related political and social considerations, however, can entail a significant business impact. To address an important issue for predictive analytics, PAW introduces this new panel:

Expert Panel: Predictive Analytics and Consumer Privacy

When analytics delivers value to an enterprise, it often means benefits for the end consumer as well. More precise targeting means less junk in the mail (not to mention fewer trees cut down). More effective fraud detection allows for more competitive pricing. Spot-on personal movie, music and book recommendations certainly can’t hurt. What could possibly go wrong?

Personalization means personal data must be stored. Moreover, with predictive models in place, this personal data becomes alive as it is specifically acted upon. Today’s consumer displays a growing concern with her “cloud identity”. What’s known – and what’s thereby inferred – about a consumer seems to, at times, cut to the core of her sense of identity.

What happens when the shoppers and workers of the world perceive predictive analytics as irresponsibly applied – or, worse yet, what if they’re right? What are the minimally required conditions to ensure the consumer does not feel manipulated?

Our panel of experts digs in to answer these central questions and suggest some guidance for problem avoidance and best practice.

Eric Siegel, Program Chair, Predictive Analytics World


Stephen Baker, BusinessWeek – author, The Numerati

Jules Polonetsky, Co-Chair & Director, Future of Privacy Forum

Mikael Hagstr öm, Executive Vice President, EMEA and Asia Pacific, SAS

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