Joint Sessions at PAW and TAW

Announcing four joint text/predictive sessions available to both Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World attendees, October 19-20 in NYC.

Featured Session:
Social Media Analysis for Market Prediction

Johan Bollen
Johan Bollen
Associate Professor
Indiana University

In this session you will learn how Professor Bollen's team has analyzed
large – scale Twitter data to yield accurate measurements of the public's mood state which in turn have been shown to contain predictive information with regards to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In addition you will learn how the team performed an analysis of longitudinal changes in individual user sentiment over hundreds of thousands of Twitter users to study the effects of social networking relations to evolving user mood states.

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Here are three other joint sessions shared between Text Analytics World and Predictive Analytics World, New York City, Oct 19-20:

Thomas Davenport

KeynoteEvery Day Analytics: Making Leading Edge Commonplace

Thomas Davenport
President's Distinguished Prof, Babson College
Author, Competing on Analytics

David A. Ferrucci

KeynoteBuilding Watson – An Overview of the DeepQA Project

David A. Ferrucci
IBM Fellow & Watson Principal Investigator
IBM Research

Han Sheong Lai

SessionIdentifying Customers Who Expressed Intend-to-Churn or Defect from Large Number of Surveyed Verbatim

Han Sheong Lai
Director of Operational Excellence & VOC

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And that's just the tip of the iceberg – check out all these other TAW topics, case studies and speakers:

  • Topics such as churn risk detection, customer service and call centers, decision support, document discovery, document filtering, financial indicators from social media, fraud detection, government applications, insurance applications, knowledge discovery, open question-answering, parallelized text analysis, risk profiling, sentiment analysis, social media applications, survey analysis, topic discovery, and voice of the customer.
  • Case studies from Accident Fund, Amdocs, Bundle, Citibank, FL State College, Google, Intuit,  MetLife, Mitchell1 (auto repair s/w), PayPal, Snap-on (tool mfg),, A Fortune 500 global technology company, plus special examples from U.S. government agencies DoD, DHS, SSA
  • Experts and practitioners such as Dean Abbott, President, Abbott Analytics, Breck Baldwin, President, LingPipe, John Elder, Ph. D., Chief Scientist, Elder Research, Inc., Andrew Fast, Senior Scientist & Director of Research, Elder Research, Inc., Jaime Fitzgerald, Founder & President, Fitzgerald Analytics, Alexander Hasha, Lead Data Scientist,, Piyanka Jain, Head of NA Business Analytics, PayPal, Themos Kalafatis, Independent Consultant, Max Kuhn, Director, Nonclinical Statistics, Pfizer, David McMichael, Assistant Vice President, MetLife Auto & Home, Jeff Mergler, Lead Statistical Applications Trainer, TIBCO Spotfire, Greg Michalski, Director of Student Analytics & Research, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Saikat Mukherjee, Ph.D., Senior Data Scientist, Intuit Inc., Nick Patience, Research Director of Information Management,The 451 Group, Michael Pooley, President & General Manager,Mitchell1, Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect, KAPS Group, Ramendra Sahoo, Director & Senior Vice President of Analytics,Citibank, Zubair Shams, Director of Product Development, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, Puneet Sharma, Senior Manager, PayPal, James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions, Hui Xiong, Associate Professor, Rutgers Business School, Dezhi Yin, Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia Tech Business School

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