A mammoth new must-have data mining book is coming, the Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, by Robert Nisbet, PhD, John Elder, PhD, and Gary Miner, PhD.

“The Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications is a comprehensive professional reference book for business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers that brings together in a single resource all the information a beginner will need to rapidly learn how to conduct data mining and the statistical analysis required to interpret the data once mined.”

I previewed the book and wrote this heartfelt testimony:

Data mining practitioners, here is your bible, the complete “driver’s manual” for data mining.  From starting the engine to handling the curves, this book covers the gamut of data mining techniques – including predictive analytics and text mining – illustrating how to achieve maximal value across business, scientific, engineering and medical applications.  What are the best practices through each phase of a data mining project?  How can you avoid the most treacherous pitfalls?  The answers are in here.

Going beyond its responsibility as a reference book, this resource also provides detailed tutorials with step-by-step instructions to drive established data mining software tools across real world applications.  This way, newcomers start their engines immediately and experience hands-on success.

If you want to roll-up your sleeves and execute on predictive analytics, this is your definite, go-to resource.  To put it lightly, if this book isn’t on your shelf, you’re not a data miner.

You can pre-order it on Amazon.