Join me on a webinar and hear my presentation next Wednesday!

“Predictive Analytics – Optimizing Business and Reducing Costs Across Verticals” A free webinar hosted by BetterManagement.

Wednesday, January 21
3:00 p.m. EST

Here’s the description:

In this webcast, Dr. Eric Siegel will summarize the wide range of business applications of predictive analytics, illustrating how each provides business value by predicting a different type of customer behavior. “These predictions translate directly into actionable steps for achieving increased returns by driving operational decisions. In so doing, an enterprise can optimize their strategies based on what customers WILL do.”

In tough times, attention turns away from increasing returns, and towards decreasing costs – Dr. Siegel will focus especially on the application of predictive analytics to lowering costs without decreasing business. Case studies will be overviewed for the more pervasive commercial applications of predictive analytics.

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