Predictive Analytics World, October 19-20 2011, Washington DC, will feature the following keynote speakers – stay tuned for the full program.

Piyanka Jain, Senior Manager, Global Product Analytics, Paypal
Putting Predictive Analytics into Context: The Analytics Value Chain

Andrew Pole, Senior Manager, Guest Analytics, Target
How Target Gets the Most out of Its Guest Data to Improve Marketing ROI

Eric Siegel, Ph.D., Conference Chair, Predictive Analytics World

Plus, these special plenary sessions from industry heavy-weights:

Usama Fayyad Ph.D.,
CEO, Open Insights
Former Chief Data Officer, Yahoo!

Search Marketing and Predictive Analytics: SEM, SEO and On-line Marketing Case Studies

John F. Elder Ph.D.,
CEO and Founder,
Elder Research, Inc.

Text Mining: Lessons Learned