Announcing Predictive Analytics World, a new conference coming February, 2009!

Predictive Analytics World is positioned to be the leading event for predictive
analytics consumers, managers and commercial practitioners. This
conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to achieve
two objectives:

1) Bigger wins: Strengthen the business impact of predictive analytics

2) Broader capabilities: Establish new opportunities with predictive

Predictive Analytics World’s sessions cover business applications of
predictive analytics, including:

  • Marketing and CRM
    • Response modeling
    • Customer retention with churn modeling
    • Profiling and cloning
  • Online marketing optimization
    • Behavior-based advertising
    • Email targeting
    • Website content optimization
  • Product recommendation systems
  • Human capital retention
  • Industry-specific applications such as:
    • Fraud detection
    • Credit scoring
    • Insurance pricing
    • Mobile and targeting

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