By Geert Verstraeten, Managing Partner at Python Predictions & Program Chair at Predictive Analytics World London

Without doubt, organizations in different industries and settings are flexing their analytical muscles. In some organizations, analysts are getting a seat at the boardroom table. The demand continues to grow and talent seems to be rewarded increasingly. So why would you spend some time to build and present a story for Predictive Analytics World London (October 23-24 2013)? Here are at least four reasons:

  1. Contribute to a great event. If you are building your career in advanced analytics, Predictive Analytics World London is a great event to witness. For its fourth year, PAW London aims to attract at least 100 practitioners, experts and their managers in advanced analytics from a wide range of domains (e.g. business, government, sports, non-profit,…).  Last year, over 95 percent of attendees reported they would recommend PAW London to their peers. 

  2. Work your presentation skills. Analytical thought leaders agree that communication and presentation skills are one of the main competences for great analysts (for example, see the recent BAQMaR post by Martine George and Nicolas Glady). And there is no better way to train those skills than getting on stage. Topics that are welcomed are concrete case studies showing the impact of predictive analytics, but also adoption stories on how analysts or managers succeeded to bring analytics to the boardroom, etc.

  3. Interact and learn. The best way to get great interaction and valuable feedback on your ideas is to get on stage. Start your trip with an informal speaker’s dinner on the evening before the conference, and get direct access to other inspiring analysts and/or analytical managers. The interactive setting allows for great interaction between attendees, and presenting is an excellent way to start the conversation and to ensure great networking.

  4. Build your own brand. For many speakers, presenting on a respected international forum opens doors within the own organization and beyond.


Convinced? We encourage you to submit your story before May 31st, 2013 via