Predictive Analytics World for Business 2022

June 19-24, 2022 l Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

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Snorkel AI is a technology startup that empowers data scientists and developers to turn data into accurate and adaptable AI applications fast with Snorkel Flow, a first-of-its-kind data-centric development platform, powered by programmatic labeling. Snorkel Flow reduces the time, cost, and friction of labeling training data so data science and development teams can more easily build and scale AI models to deploy more meaningful applications. Incorporating human judgment into the AI process through subject-matter experts is made more efficient and scalable leading to more ethical, responsible outcomes.

Two out of the top three US banks, several government agencies and Fortune 500 companies use Snorkel Flow. Snorkel’s core research was developed at Stanford AI lab and is deployed at Google, Intel, Apple, IBM, DARPA, and other trailblazing organizations.

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DatabaseUSA is one of the premier data solutions and information providers in the U.S, with over 40+ years of experience in collecting, building and maintaining marketing databases.

We currently provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective Business & Consumer Databases and Database Management Solutions in the industry.

As an ORIGINAL compiler of data, DatabaseUSA boasts its industry renowned “Triple-Verified” National Business File of 14+ Million Records - rich with firmographic, location data, contacts and emails.    In addition, DatabaseUSA serves up a National Consumer File of over 250 Million Individuals with extensive demographic, location, lifestyle, and behaviour and email information.

When gaining access to these databases, we offer a variety of proven database management services to help our clients effectively analyse their current customers; plus identify highly targeted prospects. 

DatabaseUSA provides the finest personalized, consultative service available to discuss all your marketing needs.  Our company is “uniquely” positioned to satisfy your company’s data services and solutions requirements due to our focus on Data Quality and “Flexible” Use Agreements . 

Let’s schedule a discovery meeting at the conference to discuss your current needs and how DatabaseUSA can bring value to your company moving forward!