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Sampling For Your Analysis
 So you have a mailing campaign you are about...
Accuracy Fallacy: The Media’s Coverage of AI Is Bogus
  A shorter version of this article was originally...
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Not New Concepts for the Data Science Practitioner
 Economic disruption is a reality which has been a...
Interview: The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning Talks to Dr. Eric Siegel
  Dr. Eric Siegel cuts through the buzzwords surrounding...

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 Originally published in KDnuggets, October 2019. Fallacies are what we call the results of...

 Originally published in SAP Blogs, October 16, 2019. For today’s leading deep learning methods...

 Originally published in DigitalDoughnut, October 25, 2019 For many in the SEO world, the...

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    Sampling For Your Analysis


     So you have a mailing campaign you are about to conduct. Your goal is to secure both increased response rates and sales volume. And a customer targeting methodology is crafted. Nothing elaborate-but response and sales models will be developed. You have results from a previous program, and are prepared to aggregate the data so that […]


      A shorter version of this article was originally published by Scientific American. Headlines about machine learning promise godlike predictive power. Here are four examples: Newsweek: “AI Can Tell If You’re Gay: Artificial Intelligence Predicts Sexuality from One Photo with Startling Accuracy” (article) The Spectator: “Linguistic Analysis Can Accurately Predict Psychosis” (article) The Daily Mail: […]


     Economic disruption is a reality which has been a gradual development over the last several decades. Artificial intelligence (AI) has simply accelerated this process.  Virtually every industry has been impacted by AI and certainly data science is no exception. Yet, we may also inquire how does machine learning fit within this overall discussion. The explosion […]


      Dr. Eric Siegel cuts through the buzzwords surrounding predictive analytics to reveal what it is, how it works, and how it is driving major improvements in business—including in demand forecasting. He discusses the persuasion paradox, reveals how companies can get started in predictive analytics, and dispels the myth that all consumers of this technology […]


     For more from Dr. Elder, join Predictive Analytics World Las Vegas, May 31-June 4, 2020.   Elder Research has solved many challenging and previously unsolved technical problems in a wide variety of fields for Government, Commercial and Investment clients, including fraud prevention, insider threat discovery, image recognition, text mining, and oil and gas discovery. But […]


     The movie “Being There” may seem like an odd theme on an article concerning data science entrepreneurship. Yet, this movie highlights certain characteristics which are essential to success as an entrepreneur within all disciplines including data science. In the movie, Peter Sellers is the main character who is recognized as having an expertise which in […]


      One of the most fundamental contributions we can make as consultants is to help our clients ask the right questions of their data. We’re often asked to help solve problems that turn out to be too broadly or too narrowly defined—or are not aligned with achieving business goals or eliminating pain points. I often […]

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