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Data-Driven Decisions for Law Enforcement in Toronto
 For today’s leading deep learning methods...
AI, Machine Learning, and the Basics of Predictive Analytics for Process Management
 APQC Chair Carla O’Dell interviews Predictive...
Data Reliability and Analytic Validity for Non-Dummies
 There is not much attention paid...
Overview of Mega-PAW Vegas 2018: Summary of Keynotes and More
  As both a speaker and...

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 Originally published in May 30, 2018 I used to scratch...

 Originally published in Data Science Central, July 4, 2018 Editor’s note:...

  Originally published in BuzzFeed, June 21, 2018 The company rolled...

  • 1 day ago
    Data-Driven Decisions for Law Enforcement in Toronto


     For today’s leading deep learning methods and technology, attend the conference and training workshops at Predictive Analytics World for Government, Sept 17-21, 2018 in Washington, DC. Data-driven decisions for law enforcement are not new and have been used for over 20 years. New York City is often considered a pioneer in embracing methodologies and technologies to […]


     APQC Chair Carla O’Dell interviews Predictive Analytics Times Executive Editor and Predictive Analytics World Founder Eric Siegel about predictive analytics and machine learning’s application to process management. Dr. Siegel will be speaking at APQC’s Process & Performance Management Conference this October. Note: This is a transcript of an audio interview. Carla O’Dell: Welcome Eric! Let’s […]

  • 3 weeks ago
    Data Reliability and Analytic Validity for Non-Dummies


     There is not much attention paid these days to data reliability and analytic validity (R&V) in quantitative thought and practice. Many data practitioners, especially those in Computer Science-IT Data Science (CS-IT Data Science), don’t get what the terms mean, especially for R&V work they might need to do routinely that is not done at all. […]


      As both a speaker and a representative of the IIA, I attended the Predictive Analytics World (PAW) show in Las Vegas, June 5-6, 2018. The organizers stated that they had approximately 600 people registered – and the opening session didn’t appear far off from that. This year the show had a new format called […]

  • 2 months ago
    Analytics Assessment: A Blueprint for Effective Analytics Programs


      If you are like me, when you first heard of analytics and its ability to benefit businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, you felt invigorated and excited, having to hold back the urge to shout “Charge!”  As a data scientist, I found this excitement to be well-founded: analytics powerfully leverages data to address important, existential […]


     Originally published by Analytics Magazine This article is excerpted from Eric Siegel’s Foreword to the recently released book, “Federal Data Science: Transforming Government and Agricultural Policy Using Artificial Intelligence,” edited by Feras A. Batarseh and Ruixin Yang. For more on government deployment of predictive analytics, attend Predictive Analytics World for Government, September 18-19, 2018 in […]

  • 2 months ago
    Analytics in the Brave New Customer Experience World


     Mobile marketing technology offers opportunities to enhance the customer experience. The marketing world is awash in acronyms and terms that reflect the technological changes practitioners are facing today. One common acronym—CRM, or customer relationship management—revolves around the theme of customer experience. It highlights the notion that the customer is king—though that philosophy has been a […]

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