Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
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2 months ago
Eric Siegel on Bloomberg Businessweek


Listen to Eric Siegel, former Columbia University Professor, discuss his book The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment.

Radio show: Bloomberg Businessweek

Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan.

Click here to listen to the full 10-minute segment


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This is Bloomberg Business Week with Carol Messer and Tim Stenebek on Bloomberg Radio.

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All Right, when someone says AI, they can be referring to a lot of different things, you know of that, right, They can be talking about chatbots such as chat Gibt or Google Bard, which are examples of LM’s or large language models. We talked. We talked about this a little bit with Mendeep earlier.

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Exactly. Okay, what about when it comes to AGI, artificial general intelligence. It’s the holy grail of AI. It’s not around yet, but everyone is working on it. What that means is that AI can perform as well or better than humans on most tasks.

Speaker 2

All right, so machine learning is something else. It’s the focus of our next guest, new book. Eric Siegel is a consultant and former Columbia University professor. He’s also the author of a new book. It is entitled The AI Playbook, Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment. It is out today. Eric joins us on Zoom from the Bay Area. Eric, congratulations, Let’s start with the basics, because I think sometimes we all throw around phrases assuming everybody gets it and they don’t necessarily. How do you define machine learning?

Speaker 3
Well, thanks Carol. Machine learning is technology that learns from experience in order to make predictions in order to target and improve large scale operations…

Click here to listen to the full 10-minute segment

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