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2 months ago
How Wayfair and Spotify Use Machine Learning to Engage Customers

Originally published in MIT Management, May 26, 2022.

Armed with scores of data, Spotify and Wayfair use machine learning algorithms to make customers happy. Here’s how.

Whether you’re combing the online aisles at Wayfair to find a just-right sectional or tuning in to a Spotify playlist during a morning run, machine learning algorithms are the secret sauce making sure there’s a perfect match.

Wayfair, a digital-first retailer focused on the home category, and Spotify, an audio streaming media service, serve two different markets. However, both are platform-based businesses built around data and customer interactions, employing machine learning to deliver highly personalized user experiences and curated product and content recommendations.

At Wayfair, more than 3,000 technologists work on the platform, which connects customers with suppliers in a marketplace of more than 14 million products spanning five websites. Spotify serves 406 million active users across 184 markets, along with millions of creators that have generated 82 million music tracks and 3.6 million podcasts.

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