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MLW Preview Video: Ayush Patel, Co-Founder at Twelvefold
 In anticipation of his upcoming presentation at Predictive Analytics...
MLW Preview Video: Sarah Kalicin, Data Scientist at Intel Corporation
 In anticipation of her upcoming keynote presentation at Predictive...
MLW Preview Video: Praneet Dutta, Senior Research Engineer at DeepMind
 In anticipation of his upcoming presentation at Deep Learning...
MLW Preview Video: Dean Abbott, President at Abbott Analytics
 In anticipation of his upcoming pre-conference workshop and presentations...

2 years ago
Why AI Isn’t Going to Replace Data Scientists Any Time Soon

 Should data scientists consider AI a threat to their short- or even long-term job security? In this article, I present a philosophical argument that adamantly argues, “No.” For the work of data scientists, and human endeavors in general, machines are nowhere near human intellectual capabilities. There has been much discussion, almost euphoric in some instances, about artificial intelligence and how in many ways it will establish a new framework for the Information Economy of the 21st century. Let’s be clear here from the outset — much has been written about AI, yet its creation involves complex mathematics which

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