Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
A University Curriculum Supplement to Teach a Business Framework for ML Deployment
    In 2023, as a visiting analytics professor...
The AI Playbook: Providing Important Reminders to Data Professionals
 Originally published in DATAVERSITY. This article reviews the new...
Decode the Algorithm: Navigate the World of Machine Learning in Business with ‘The AI ​​Playbook’
  This article reviews the new book, The AI Playbook, by...
To Deploy Machine Learning, You Must Manage Operational Change—Here Is How UPS Got It Right
 Originally published in Harvard Data Science Review. For more...

4 months ago
To Avoid Wasting Money on Artificial Intelligence, Business Leaders Need More AI Acumen

 Originally published in Analytics Magazine, July 19, 2023. Business leaders need more machine learning acumen to properly translate business objectives into the requirements for a predictive model. Without this, pitfalls abound. In this article, we show why one client’s deployed lead-scoring model is potentially worthless for improving sales team efforts and how the difference between targeting marketing and targeting sales is rarely understood. Free audiobook offer: Pre-order Eric Siegel’s new book The AI Playbook as a hardcover or e-book and receive a free, advanced copy of the audiobook now – details here. With the current hype around artificial intelligence (AI), there is

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