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The Great Analytical Divide: Data Scientist vs. Value Architect

 In the analytics space, it is quite common for many organizations to have a team of data miners who are now referred to as data scientists and a team of business users who are often referred to as value architects. It has been a common practice ever since the first direct marketing models were produced

3 Ways to Test the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models

 Editor’s note: This article compares measures for model performance. Note that “accuracy” is a specific such measure, but that this article uses the word “accuracy” to generically refer to measures in general. In data mining, data scientists...

Data Science – Found Your Unicorn Yet?

 You’ll find much banter in the data science ecosystem these days about all the skill-sets required to effectively function as a data scientist. Some have gone so far as to label the perfect melange of experience and...

The Data Behind Data Scientists: Top Kaggle Performers

 Kaggle, an online platform that hosts data analytics competitions, allows companies to tap into the expertise of data gurus to tackle specific company issues (and possibly reap prizes and job offers, if successful). With more than 100,000...

The Latest Trend in Marketing

 How powerful would it be for marketers to know what their customers are going to do before they actually do it? To predict how they would react to certain messages and offers, or to intervene just before...

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