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10 years ago
13 Insanely Useful Predictive Analytics Resources


Predictive analytics holds a lot of promise for the modern sales and marketing organization. Smart companies are investing in the power of Big Data to pinpoint the most profitable prospects. But it also raises tricky questions and creates new challenges.

The technology that enables us to glean unprecedented insights from data is advancing at a breakneck pace. The biggest hurdles are getting organizational buy-in and finding the necessary talent.

The most effective solutions make data instantly available and actionable without requiring an overwhelming amount of IT resources. leverages the power of machine learning to identify sales patterns and provide valuable insights to sales teams.

Let’s take a look at 13 insanely useful resources that will bring you up to speed on the new frontier of predictive analytics.

1. TDWI Best Practices Report | Predictive Analytics for Business Advantage

TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute) wrote a thought-provoking report explaining how organizations can use predictive analytics to make better business decisions. TDWI suggests that predictive technologies might become mainstream much sooner than you think.

Read the executive summary.

2. Five Steps to Master Big Data and Predictive Analytics in 2014

Ben Kerschberg tackles this timely topic on Forbes. He reminds us that Big Data by itself is useless. We must make intelligent inferences to make data actionable. He also points out the need for C-level execs to jump on the predictive bandwagon.

See the rest of the story.

3. BBC Horizon 2013: The Age of Big Data

The BBC reveals a remarkable experiment in Los Angeles, where police are using data to predict crime before it happens. It also chronicles one man’s mission to make millions on stock trades using predictive analysis. He calls his grand plan “fantastic.” Who are we to argue?

4. Business Analytics: Moving From Descriptive to Predictive Analytics

Bill Schmarzo, the Dean of Big Data, explains the differences between descriptive business intelligence and predictive analytics. His insights will blow your mind.

Take notes, folks.

5. Getting Analytics Right From the Start

Analytics expert Tom Davenport reveals why some companies are better with analytics than others. For example, he tells the Humana success story, which was fueled by “Moneyball.”

6. Focus On: Predictive Analytics

A nice roundup of predictive analytics coverage from Data Informed. This collection of articles covers everything from common pitfalls to how to tailor analytics to mesh with corporate culture.

Fill your brain with wisdom.

7. Eric Siegel Answers 8 Questions About Predictive Analytics

Eric Siegel is the author of “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die.” In this fascinating YouTube video, he gives an awesome overview of the capabilities of this powerful technology.

8. Seven Steps to Actionable Personal Analytics and Discovery

This Slideshare presentation offers up a seven-step checklist for using analytics more strategically.

Seven steps to actionable personal analytics and discovery from InternetEvolution

9. Rock Stars of Big Data

I didn’t even know that Big Data had already created rock stars. But apparently it has. This KDnuggets post summarizes presentations by some of the world’s foremost experts.

Gain valuable insights.

10. Predictive Analytics Guide

Predictive Analytics World brings us this must-see resource roundup. It serves up tutorials, webcasts, conferences, newsletters and training.

Gather ‘round the good stuff.

11. Big Data Analytics Deep Dive

InfoWorld explores the ins and outs of Big Data in this comprehensive PDF guide. It tackles the role of cloud computing and covers specific use cases.

Gain deep knowledge fast.

12. 7 social analytics predictions for 2014

We all love predictions, right? This PandoDaily piece predicts the future of mobile devices, social media apps and personal privacy.

See the future.

13. Where Will the Hardcore Analytics Staff Come From?

This video poses the question of the decade: Where will we find the talent to pull off all of these crazy ideas? The short answer: Get out your wallet. Data scientists are in high demand. Neuralytics™ technology is sequencing millions of anonymized profiles and sales transactions to deliver unprecedented levels of sales insight. Neuralytics applies “Moneyball”-style statistical analysis to intelligently predict sales outcomes.

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