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10 years ago
Poll Results: Text Analytics Use Shows No Significant Change


Surprisingly, latest KDnuggets Poll did not find a significant change in Text Analytics use over the past 2 years. While 66% make some use of text analytics, only 19% use it on the majority of their projects. Text Analytics seems to take off very slowly.

Latest KDnuggets Poll asked:

How much did you use text analytics / text mining in the past 12 months?

Surprisingly, the results don’t show much change in the adoption of text analytics among KDnuggets readers – the only significant difference is a slight increase among those who used text analytics on 10% of their projects.

While there was a noticeable increase in 2011 KDnuggets Text Analytics Usage Poll vs 2009, no such increase was observed this year.

Of course, KDnuggets readers may be more biased towards more data analysis than text, but I do not see a huge growth in attendance of several Text Analytics conferences that have been running for the last several years. Despite the often cited number of 80% of all information being “unstructured” or text, Text Analytics “buzz” seems to lagging behind the “Big Data”.

Google Trends for Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining, Text Analytics, 2005 - 2013

Google Trends analysis seems to confirm this observation. We note that searches for “Text Mining” are slowly declining, while “Text Analytics” are slowly increasing, but at levels below “Predictive Analytics” and Business Analytics.

Here are the poll results:

By: Gregory Piatetsky,
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