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Data Scientist – Best Job in America, Again

 By Gregory Piatetsky, KDnuggets Originally published in KDnuggets The popular job site Glassdoor published a list of 50 Best Jobs in America, and Data Scientist is again the no. 1 job in USA, with Job score 4.8 out of 5, $110,000 Median Base Salary, and 4,000 job openings. Half of the top 10 jobs are

Cartoon: A Dog on the Internet

 It used to be that nobody on the internet knew that I was a dog … New KDnuggets cartoon examines the dog question in the era of Big Data. It used to be that on the Internet,...

Poll Results: Text Analytics Use Shows No Significant Change

 Surprisingly, latest KDnuggets Poll did not find a significant change in Text Analytics use over the past 2 years. While 66% make some use of text analytics, only 19% use it on the majority of their projects....

Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey Highlights

 Top 5 most used tools were R (used by 70% of data miners), IBM SPSS Statistics, Rapid Miner, SAS, and Weka, while STATISTICA, KNIME, SAS JMP, IBM SPSS Modeler, and RapidMiner had the the highest satisfaction. Big...

R usage skyrocketing: Rexer poll

  Rexer Analytics has been conducting regular polls of data miners and analytics professionals on their software choices since 2007, and the results of the 2013 Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey were presented at last month’s Predictive...