Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
AI and ML in Health Care: A Brief Review
 Of the many disciplines that are active users of...
Visualizing Decision Trees with Pybaobabdt
 Originally published in Towards Data Science, Dec 14, 2021....
Correspondence Analysis: From Raw Data to Visualizing Relationships
 Isn’t it satisfying to find a tool that makes...
Podcast: Four Things the Machine Learning Industry Must Learn from Self-Driving Cars
    Welcome to the next episode of The Machine...
How to Calculate the Optimal Safety Stock using Retail Predictive Analytics.
 In a perfect world, a retailer knows exactly how much demand they can expect, they order just enough inventory from their vendors and suppliers to completely sell it throughout their stores by the end of the given period or season. Warehouses are only used as cross-docks which streamline the supply chain from point of origin to point of sale as inventory arriving from a vendor immediately gets loaded to trucks that take it to stores. Therefore, in such a world there is no need for safety stock. However, as retailers will admit themselves, things rarely work out perfectly

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