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Gartner 2015 Hype Cycle: Big Data is Out, Machine Learning is in

 Gartner, the leading market and technology research firm, has published its 2015 Hype Cycle Report of Emerging technologies. Fig. 1: Gartner 2015 Hype Cycle. For comparison, here is Fig. 2: Gartner 2014 Hype Cycle. What’s the Hype Cycle about? As technology advances, we all get over-excited about new buzz-words & trends in technology and then

Getting Serious about Customer Retention!

 Retention has always played second fiddle to acquisition within marketing – despite the fact that acquiring new customers is far more expensive than retaining existing ones and that the top tranche of customers contributes the vast majority...

It’s starting to come together

  The technology-customer centricity-profitability linkage emerges Every year Gartner comes out with a fascinating graph detailing the “hype cycle” of scores of new technologies, plotting them on a time curve that traces them through various stages, starting...

How to Calculate the Optimal Safety Stock using Retail Predictive Analytics.

In a perfect world, a retailer knows exactly how much demand they can expect, they order just enough inventory from their vendors and suppliers to completely sell it throughout their stores by the end of the given...

Don’t Worry, Big Data Hasn’t Jumped the Shark Yet

 It seems Big Data is currently persona non grata. In the last week, a headline in The New York Times asked “Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?” and, based on some (perhaps mis-interpreted) sentiments in the most...