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The Big Risks of Big Data Mining

 “Every step you take, I’ll be watching you” – when Sting wrote those lyrics back in the ’80’s he most certainly wasn’t thinking about digital data collection. But whether we realize it or not, every digital step we take is indeed being watched—with the resulting data providing a frightening wealth of information about our lives.

Data Mining Reveals How Human Health Varies with City Size

 If you live in a big city, you are more likely to catch flu but less likely to die of a heart attack or be diagnosed with diabetes, say public health scientists. The science of allometry, the...

The Key to Modelling Success -The Variable Selection Process (Part 1)


Overstatement of Results in Predictive Analytics


Tell Your Kids to be Data Scientists, Not Doctors

 Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by John Phillips at CNBC about our data scientist salary study. His article, Why Your Kids Will Want to be Data Scientists, was published at the end of May, and...

As talent war intensifies, recruiters turn to analytics

 Baseball scouts used to scour the back roads of America in search of the next Mickey Mantle or Warren Spahn. Today, team front offices rely on reams of statistics and psychological profiles that help predict not only...

Q&A with Data and Analytics Expert Dean Abbott

 Data scientist Dean Abbott has been focusing on data mining and predictive analytics for more than 25 years, and has authored and co-authored several books including “Applied Predictive Analytics,” “IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook” and contributed a biographical...

Data Mining Group Updates PMML

 Version 4.2 of the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), which aims to make it easier to develop predictive analytics apps, is now available. The Data Mining Group, a vendor-led consortium of companies and organizations developing standards for...

Top 10 Data Mining Mistakes

 Dr. Elder gives his famous talk on the Top Ten Data Mining Mistakes. The Top Ten Mistakes are covered in chapter 20 of the Handbook of Statistical Analysis & Data Mining Applications. You can also view this...

3 Ways to Test the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models

 Editor’s note: This article compares measures for model performance. Note that “accuracy” is a specific such measure, but that this article uses the word “accuracy” to generically refer to measures in general. In data mining, data scientists...

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