Predictive Analytics Times
Predictive Analytics Times

Analytics Infrastructure

Healthcare Big Data Analytics: From Description to Prescription

 In the healthcare industry, “big data analytics” is a term that can encompass nearly everything that is done to a piece of information once it begins its digital life.  From flagging drug interactions to predicting sepsis, modeling emergency department use to triggering an automated phone call for a mammogram reminder, healthcare providers are leveraging patient

EHR Workflow, Big Data Combine for Population Health Management

  Use code: PATIMES15 for 15% of a two-day Conference pass. Enacting an effective and meaningful population health management program, especially when that population has a high proportion of patients with complex needs, has been one of...

Four Use Cases for Healthcare Predictive Analytics, Big Data

 Predictive analytics in healthcare has long been the wave of the future: an ultimate goal to which everyone aspires but few can claim success.  While the landscape is changing for healthcare predictive analytics as more organizations figure...

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