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7 months ago
The World’s Biggest AI Models Aren’t Very Transparent, Stanford Study Says

Originally published in The Verge, Oct 18, 2023.  

No prominent developer of AI foundation models — a list including companies like OpenAI and Meta — is releasing sufficient information about their potential impact on society, determines a new report from Stanford HAI (Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence).

Today, Stanford HAI released its Foundation Model Transparency Index, which tracked whether creators of the 10 most popular AI models disclose information about their work and how people use their systems. Among the models it tested, Meta’s Llama 2 scored the highest, followed by BloomZ and then OpenAI’s GPT-4. But none of them, it turned out, got particularly high marks.

Other models evaluated include Stability’s Stable Diffusion, Anthropic’s Claude, Google’s PaLM 2, Command from Cohere, AI21 Labs’ Jurassic 2, Inflection-1 from Inflection, and Amazon’s Titan.

The researchers acknowledged to The Verge that transparency can be a broad concept. Their definition is based on 100 indicators for information about how the models are built, how they work, and how people use them. They parsed publicly available information on the model and gave each a score, noting if the companies disclosed partners and third-party developers, if they tell customers whether their model used private information, and a host of other questions.

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  12. In the realm of AI development, transparency plays a crucial role in fostering trust and understanding among users and stakeholders. However, the complexity and scale of these large AI models, such as GPT-3, often make it difficult to decipher how they arrive at their outputs. This opacity can hinder efforts to scrutinize and validate the fairness, reliability, and ethical implications of AI-driven systems.

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