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Call for Speakers Open Predictive Analytics World 2017 Spring/Summer

 Save the date—speaker submissions are now open for spring/summer 2017 Predictive Analytics World events. Share how predictive analytics impacts your organization at the leading cross-vendor event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. As a speaker, you’ll be recognized as an expert in the field, and you’ll receive a complimentary registration to the Predictive

Getting Started with Predictive Analytics – an Interview with Eric Siegel

 Data science and predictive analytics are top of mind – but how do you get started? I had the chance to interview Eric Siegel, founder of Predictive Analytics World, the leading conference series, and author of the...

Taking Action on Technical Success: A Fable of Data Science and Consequences

 Note: This story is fiction, but it is based on experience with real clients. Any resemblance to people you know is incidental. You can read the prequel to this episode here. Michael’s Tale, Continued TalkThree’s new Analytics...

Good Predictions != Good Decisions

 A Fateful Tale Ted is having a rough week at work. As a call-center employee, his main focus is on customer retention and offering promotions to his company’s current subscribers. For some reason, his numbers are horrible...

How uplift modeling helped Obama’s campaign — and can aid marketers

 The Obama campaign’s Daniel Porter will be presenting on his work with uplift modeling at PAW San Francisco (March 2014) and PAW Chicago (June 2014). Watch the interview with the Obama campaign’s Daniel Porter. How uplift modeling...

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