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Business Decisions Needed in Data Privacy Protection

 Much of the digital economy relies on consumers giving up data for a service. This forces businesses to use their data privacy policies to build trust. When Philip O’Brien wanted to start modeling employee churn at Paychex, he knew there was a lot of potential to reduce the number of employees who leave. But he

Recognizing and Avoiding Overfitting, Part 1

 In my last two posts I described why overfitting predictive models is dangerous beyond the most obvious problem, namely that accuracy on new data is lower than expected. In the next few posts, I’ll describe how to...

IBM’s Jeff Jonas on Baking Data Privacy into Predictive Analytics

 Privacy by Design, an outlook toward software development developed in the 1990s, urges companies to bake privacy protection features into its analytic systems and processes from their conception. While many executives have supported the notion of anonymizing...

Limited role for big data seen in developing predictive models

 Many analytics professionals have high hopes for big data, but speakers at the Predictive Analytics World conference struck a decidedly cautious tone when discussing the concept as it relates to building predictive models. “To me, big data...

Using Predictive Analytics to Make your Data Actionable (part 1)

 If we were able to predict the future, we would be able read the minds of our customers and know exactly what they wanted.  The closest we can get to this supernatural ability is utilizing predictive analytics...

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