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Solve the Engineering Data Dilemma

 Big Data has been both hailed as the currency of the Information Age and derided as overhyped. Both statements are true because data immediately loses much of its value if it cannot be properly analyzed and acted upon to help make decisions. Making use of data is getting more difficult as the amount of product

Microsoft Adds Predictive Forecasting To Office 365

 Microsoft promised to bring analytics to a billion screens last February when it finally launched Power BI for Office 365. Starting this week, Office 365 users will be able to do both data mining and predictive forecasting....

Why (some) Predictive Analytics will Move to the Cloud

A 2012 Gartner survey of over 1300 IT managers and business users already use or plan to use cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service) products in the next twelve months. Cloud-based computing is still...