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Feature Engineering vs. Machine Learning in Optimizing Customer Behavior

 The debate on this topic is not a new one. What is the secret sauce in yielding improved modelling performance?  Is it the inputs, features or variables of a given predictive model or is it the specific mathematics that is used alongside these inputs or features? Historically, practitioners including myself, have tended to argue that

Automation and Its Impact on Predictive Analytics – The Increasing Importance of the Hybrid-Part 3

 In my last article, I discussed the increasing impact of automation and its actual impact in creating the analytical file. As any data scientist knows, this component or stage of the data science process can typically represent...

How HBO’s Silicon Valley Built “Not Hotdog” with Mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native

 Originally published in Hacker Noon, June 26, 2017 The HBO show Silicon Valley released a real AI app that identifies hotdogs — and not hotdogs — like the one shown on season 4’s 4th episode (the app is now available on Android as well as...

Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Predictive Analytics (Part 1)

 Artificial intelligence seems to be the latest term which is capturing the not only the predictive analytics discipline’s attention but the general public as well as seen by the many articles in much of the mainstream media....

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