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Machine Learning Times


Analytics is (often) a Faith-Based Business

 If you follow data science topics in various social media channels, you’ll invariably see a lot of blog posts about A/B testing along with announcements about new tools and techniques for doing the associated analyses. I am sometimes left with the feeling that everyone must be A/B testing everything within highly data-driven cultures. And if

5 Types of Analytics in Business: One to Go After and One to Avoid

 I have been lucky enough to work in some form of analytics for the past 15 years. In the last five especially, there has been an explosion in opportunities and applications as well as software tools. Lately,...

Big Data Mining in Call of Duty

 Activision allowed two of their most credentialed employees to host a PAX ’15 panel on the role users play in game development. PhDs Justin Shacklette and Spencer Stirling spent nearly an hour explaining how the company is...

Good luck placing Analytics in an org chart


Trust in Analytics Work: Why it’s Needed and How to Build It

 Much has been written about data-driven decision making. Someone new to analytics in business might reasonably think that the days of gut instinct and experience driving decisions are over, replaced by statistical models, machine learning methods, and...