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2 months ago
State of Data Science 2022


Originally published in Anaconda.

This year, we conducted our State of Data Science survey to gather demographic information about our community, ascertain how that community works, and collect insights into big questions and trends that are top of mind within the community. 3,493 individuals from 133 countries and regions took part in the online survey conducted from April 25th to May 14th.*

Our resulting 2022 State of Data Science report looks at actionable issues within the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence industries, like open-source security, the talent dilemma, ethics and bias, and more.

*In the spirit of democratizing data, we are pleased to make the raw data from our 2022 State of Data Science survey available to the public via Anaconda Nucleus.

How do data scientists spend their time?

Data professionals spend their time on a variety of tasks that require diverse technical and non-technical skills. Respondents indicated they spend about 37.75% of their time on data preparation and cleansing. Beyond preparing and cleaning data, interpreting results remains critical. Data visualization (12.99%) and demonstrating data’s value through reporting and presentation (16.20%) are essential steps toward making data actionable and providing answers to critical questions. Working with models through selection, training, and deployment takes about 26.44% of respondents’ time (-8.56% YoY).

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