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Machine Learning Times
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Videos from Predictive Analytics World for Business and Healthcare Boston – October 5-9, 2014

sessions are at the All Levels
sessions are at the Expert/Practitioner Level

Keynote: Blackjack Analytics: A Surprising Teacher from Which All Businesses Can Learn
Sameer Chopra, Orbitz Worldwide
*Presentation not available for viewing.

Keynote: Real-Time Modeling of Surgical Site Infections
John Cromwell, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

Keynote: Problems, then Techniques, then Toys. Keeping Your Predictive Analytics Right-side Up
John Foreman, MailChimp

Keynote: Big Data and Clinical Decision Support
Dr. Martin Kohn, Jointly Health

Keynote: UPS Analytics – The Road to Optimization
Jack Levis, UPS
Keynote: Predictive Analytics: Advancing Precision and Population Medicine
George Savage, Proteus Digital Health
Special Plenary Session:
The Power (and Peril) of Predictive Analytics

Dr. John Elder, Elder Research, Inc.
Special Plenary Session:
The Peril of Vast Search (and How Target Shuffling Can Save Science)

Dr. John Elder, Elder Research, Inc.
Expert Panel Expert Panel
Necessary Skills of the Quant: Finance, Fraud, and Marketing
Sameer Chopra, Orbitz Worldwide
Jack Levis, UPS
Thomas Hill, Dell Software Group / StatSoft
Healthcare Analytics: Potential vs. Reality
George Savage, MD, Proteus Digital Health
John Cromwell, MD, University of Iowa
Ken Yale, JD, DDS, ActiveHealth Management
TOPIC: Advertising Effectiveness
Case Study: Baseball Stadiums
TOPIC: Claims Analytics
Case Study: DentaQuest

A Fresh Look at the Effects of Promotion on Baseball Attendance Using Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis

Tyler Deutsch, Northwestern University & Sagence

Improving Provider Performance and Patient Outcomes with Evidence-Based Scoring
Daniel Bailey, Elder Research

Viswanath Srikanth, Northwestern University & IBM

Shaju Puthussery, DentaQuest
Algorithmic Trading
TOPIC: Deploying Risk Models
Case Study: State of Maine hospitals

Predictive analytics for Asset Managers

Steve Krawciw, Able Markets

Deploying Predictive Patient Risk Models through a Health Information Exchange (HIE)
Devore Culver, HealthInfoNet
Analytics in Consumer Banking
TOPIC: Disease Modeling
Case Study: Southern Nazerene University

Embedding Predictive Analytics Within the Corporate Culture-What are the Challenges in the Big Data World?

Richard Boire, Boire Filler Group

Developing a Mortality Prediction Model for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)
Linda Miner, PhD, Southern Nazerene University
TOPIC: Analytics Strategy
Case Studies: CFPB, Capital One, Citibank & Bank of America
TOPIC: Healthcare Informatics
Case Study: University of California, Irvine

Spotting the Wisdom in the Noise: Using Data Science to Identify and Eradicate Consumer Concerns

Brandon Purcell, Beyond the Arc

Healthcare 2020: How Emerging Technologies Will Advance Clinical Practice and Research
Charles Boicey, Stony Brook Medicine
Analytics Tools
TOPIC: Personalized What-if Analysis
Case Study: WA Univ. St. Louis School of Medicine & PotentiaMED

Python for Data Science

Field Cady, Think Big Analytics

Using Predictive Analytics to Empower Cancer Patients through “MyCancerJourney”
Robert Palmer, PotentiaMED
TOPIC: Big Data
Case Study: Sears Holdings Corporation

Jay Piccirillo, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Hadoop Use Cases: Speeding Up Data Workloads
Andy McNalis, Sears Holding Corporation
TOPIC: Churn Modeling
Case Study: Paychex
TOPIC: Predicting Disease and Infection
Case Study: Baptist Health

Combat Client Churn with Predictive Analytics

Philip O’Brien, Paychex

Predicting the Invisible Patient: Using Predictive Analytics to Reduce Suffering, Save Lives, and Optimize Cost of Care
Katrina Belt, Baptist Health
TOPIC: Churn Modeling
Case Study: nTelos Wireless
TOPIC: Predicting Insurance Costs
Case Study: Pensylvania Department of Public Welfare

Improving Customer Retention & Profitability

John Ainsworth, Elder Research, Inc.
Superutilizers Made Simple. Identifying High-Cost Recipients Using a Model Any Medicaid Agency Could Implement
Aran Canes, Open Minds
TOPIC: Cloud Analytics
Case Study: Verizon
TOPIC: Readmission Risk
Case Study: UPMC Health Plan

Third Generation Contextual Learning as a Service and Consumer Data-Haven Practice

Madhusudan Raman, Verizon

Using Association Rule Mining to Identify Risks for Readmissions
Scott Zasadil, PhD, UPMC Health Plan
TOPIC: Credit Scoring
Case Study: Kabbage
Resource Optimization

Data Science Approach to Small and Medium Business Lending

Pinar Donmez, Kabbage

Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Hospital Patient Volume for Hospital Resource Allocation and Staffing
Nephi Walton, MD, Washington University
TOPIC: Customer Satisfaction & Retention
Case Study: Citrix
TOPIC: Targeted Care Management
Case Study: ActiveHealth Management

Predicting Customer Experience Risk in B2B World
Mike Stringer, Madhav Chinta, & Jim Regetz, Citrix Data Science

Significant Improvements in Population Health Management
Ken Yale, JD, DDS, ActiveHealth Management
The remaining videos below are from Predictive Analytics World for Business in Boston
TOPIC: Data Cleansing TOPIC: Data Privacy

Data Preparation from the Trenches: 4 Approaches to Deriving Attributes
Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics

Predictive Analytics and Privacy by Design
Jeff Kosseff, Covington & Burling, LLP
Enterprise-wide Deployment
TOPIC: Fraud Detection; Analytics in Gaming
Case Study: Activision

Oracle’s Internal Use of Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
Charles Berger, Oracle

Cheating Detection in Call of Duty
Josh Hemann, Activision
TOPIC: Infrastructure Planning
Case Study: Facebook
TOPIC: Large-Scale Continuous Learning
Case Study: eBay

Managing Large-Scale Infrastructure with Predictive Analytics
Clinton Brownley, Facebook

Importance of Speed and Relevance to eBay and Our Big Data Strategies
Gayatri Patel, eBay
TOPIC: Marketing Attribution
Case Study: LinkedIn
Persuasion Modeling (aka Uplift Modeling)

Increasing B2B Marketing Contribution through Optimal Marketing Attribution Analysis Techniques
May Xu, Neethi Mary Thomas, Rajat Mishra, Mu Sigma

Pinpointing the Persuadables: Convincing the Right Customers and the Right Voters
Daniel Porter, BlueLabs
TOPIC: Project Risk Assessment
Case Study: State Street Corporation
TOPIC: Risk Detection; Government Applications
Case Study: State Auditor’s Office
How Can Predictive Analytics Help Avoid $1.2 Million in IT Project Development Costs?
Scott Lancaster, State Street Corp.

Risk Analytics Engine at State Auditor’s Office
Kleber Gallardo, Alivia Technology
TOPIC: Targeting Email
Case Study: Ameublements Tanguay
TOPIC: Uplift Modeling
Case Study: Fidelity

Predictive Analytics to the Rescue of Email Marketing
Roger Plourde, Intema Solutions

Uplift Modeling: Introduction, Applications, Comparisons, and Latest Developments
Victor Lo, Fidelity Investments & Bentley University
TOPIC: Workforce Analytics – Retention
Case Study: A Major Financial Services Call Center
TOPIC: Workforce Analytics – Workload Management
Case Study: IBM

Data Science Approach to Reduce Call Center Employee Attrition
Pasha Roberts, Talent Analytics

Data-Driven Transformation in End-to-End Sales Transaction Support
Pitipong Lin, IBM


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