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Machine Learning Times
AI and ML in Health Care: A Brief Review
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Visualizing Decision Trees with Pybaobabdt
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Correspondence Analysis: From Raw Data to Visualizing Relationships
 Isn’t it satisfying to find a tool that makes...
Podcast: Four Things the Machine Learning Industry Must Learn from Self-Driving Cars
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6 years ago
Doppelganger Discovery: How Baseball Sabermetrics Inspires Predictive Analytics

 This author will present at Predictive Analytics World, Oct 29 – Nov 2 in New York. This article is excerpted from his book, Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are. The book delivers a fresh overview of big data with an emphasis on the intriguing insights revealed by Google search trends. The book also draws a new perspective on the power and peril of deployed machine learning (calling it “doppelganger discovery”). Click here for information about Seth’s upcoming PAW New York presentation and book signing. Here’s how Bill Simmons, a sportswriter and

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