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1 year ago
Deep Agency Shows the Perils of Applying AI to the Fashion Industry

Originally published in TechCrunch, March 27, 2023.

Earlier this month, Danny Postma, the founder of Headlime, an AI-powered marketing copy startup that was recently acquired by Jasper, announced Deep Agency, a platform he describes as an “AI photo studio and modeling agency.” Using art-generating AI, Deep Agency creates and offers “virtual models” for hire starting at $29 per month (for a limited time), letting customers place the models against digital backdrops to realize their photoshoots.

“What is Deep Agency? It’s a photo studio, with a few big differences,” Postma explained in a series of tweets. “No camera. No real people. No physical location … What’s this good for? Tons of things, like automating content for social media influencers, models for marketeers’ ads and ecommerce product photography.”

Deep Agency is very much in the proof-of-concept phase, which is to say… a tad borked. There’s a lot of artifacting in the models’ faces, and the platform places guardrails — intentional or not — around which physiques can be generated. At the same time, Deep Agency’s model creation is strangely hard to control; try generating a female model dressed in a particular outfit, like a police officer’s, and Deep Agency simply can’t do it.

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7 thoughts on “Deep Agency Shows the Perils of Applying AI to the Fashion Industry

  1. It is undeniable that AI now affects many industry fields, in particular the fashion industry. In 2022, I was really impressed with Designer Panni Margot of Argentina will present the first runway show generated by artificial intelligence at Runway Latinx in Chicago. The show was stunning and incredible. Moreover, now, there are many famous virtual models from famous agencies. Besides, AI is also applied into other industry such as games. cubes 2048 has stunning graphics thanks to tools.

  2. The Deep Agency platform offers customers the ability to place virtual models against digital backdrops for photoshoots, which could be useful for automating content for social media influencers, creating contexto models for marketeers’ ads, and e-commerce product photography.

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