Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
Visualizing Decision Trees with Pybaobabdt
 Originally published in Towards Data Science, Dec 14, 2021....
Correspondence Analysis: From Raw Data to Visualizing Relationships
 Isn’t it satisfying to find a tool that makes...
Podcast: Four Things the Machine Learning Industry Must Learn from Self-Driving Cars
    Welcome to the next episode of The Machine...
A Refresher on Continuous Versus Discrete Input Variables
 How many times have I heard that the most...

8 months ago
Book Review: AI Can’t Come “First”

  A note from Executive Editor Eric Siegel: In this book review, Rich Heimann concludes that the concept of “AI First” only perpetuates the fallacy of AI as a single solution, not to mention continuing the hype by delving into “AI” without even attempting to define it in a meaningful way. He says, “AI-first ‘businesses’ forget that solutions create value based on how much better a problem is solved…. ‘AI’ has not shown itself superior to many older solutions. This trend will continue if we ignore problems by putting them last.” I have to agree.  I recently read The

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