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Machine Learning Times
Three Best Practices for Unilever’s Global Analytics Initiatives
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Getting Machine Learning Projects from Idea to Execution
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Eric Siegel on Bloomberg Businessweek
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Effective Machine Learning Needs Leadership — Not AI Hype
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Videos from Predictive Analytics World Boston – Sept 29 – Oct 3, 2013

Day 1: Monday, September 30, 2013

All level tracks Track 1 sessions are for All Levels
Track 2 sessions are Expert/Practitioner Level

The Prediction Effect, the Data Effect, and the Persuasion Effect
Eric Siegel, Predictive Analytics World
Diamond Sponsor Presentation
Measure Right, Manage Forward, Mobile Makes a Difference
Eric Feinberg, ForeSee
Track 1: All Levels
Moderator: Karl Rexer
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Moderator: Michael Berry
Gold Sponsor Presentation
Predictive Analytics 2.0 – Data Science for the Enterprise
James Freeman, TIBCO Spotfire
Gold Sponsor Presentation
5 Predictions about Predictive Analytics
Anil Kaul, AbsolutData
Customer Insights
Case Study: KeyBank All level tracks
Making Key Business Decisions with
Analytics to Better Serve Customers

David Bonalle, KeyBank
Thought Leadership
My Five Predictive Analytics Pet Peeves
Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics, Inc.
Sales Strategy
Case Study: Paychex All level tracks
Shaping Sales Strategy with Predictive Analytics
Philip O’Brien, Paychex
Tom Kern, Paychex
Holistic Marking Applications
Case Study: AutoNation
How Predictive Analytics Can Drive Marketing Strategy
Shiv Bhandari, Aspen Marketing Services
Vikash Singh, AutoNation

Plenary Session
Industry Trends: Highlights from the 2013 Data Miner Survey
Karl Rexer, Rexer Analytics

Data Changes Everything? Not Really.
Michael Berry, TripAdvisor
Media Spend Analytics
Case Study: A Fortune 500 Company All level tracks
Driving Media Buying Efficiencies Up 15-25%
Shel Smith, Twenty-Ten
Uplift Modeling
Case Study: Subaru of America
Uplift Modeling and Beyond
Douglas Miller, Rocket Fuel
Peter Amstutz, Carmichael Lynch
Industry Applications
How Sports-Based Predictive Analytics Will
Transform the Business World
All level tracks
Hyoun Park, Blue Hill Research
Advanced Methods – Sales Lead Scoring
Case Study: Hewlett-Packard
Combining Structured And Unstructured Data To Identify Opportunities With SMB Clients
Aswinraj Govindaraj, Hewlett-Packard
Healthcare Analytics
Case Study: New Directions Behavioral Health All level tracks
Deploying Predictive Models In Virgin Waters: Predicting Behavioral Health Readmissions
Fred Grunwald, New Directions
Behavioral Health
Customer Satisfaction
Case Study: Analysis of Public Complaint Data
Ditch the Crystal Ball: Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Eliminate Customer Dissatisfaction Before it Spells Disaster for Your Business
Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc

Day 2: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All level tracks Track 1 sessions are for All Levels
Track 2 sessions are Expert/Practitioner Level

Platinum Sponsor Presentation
Predictive Coding – Document Review in Legal Matters and Investigations
Carol Tannous,
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Using Analytics to Power the New Style of IT
Saum Mather, Hewlett-Packard
Track 1: All Levels
Moderator: Brett Cohen
Track 2: Expert/Practitioners
Moderator: Richard Boire
Gold Sponsor Presentation
Addressing Privacy Concerns: Critical Features for Predictive Analytics Platforms
Gary Miner, StatSoft, Inc.
Gold Sponsor Presentation
Predictive Analytics 2.0 – Data Science for the Enterprise
James Freeman, TIBCO Spotfire
TIBCO Spotfire
Analytics Talent
Using Analytics to Build Your Analytics Bench: Announcing 2012 Analytics Professionals Study Results
All level tracks
Greta Roberts, International Institute for Analytics
Insurance – Risk Modeling
Case Study: Opta Information Intelligence
Determining True Non Linear Variable Relationships and Enhancement of Property Insurance Risk Models
Richard Boire, Boire Filler Group
Internet Security
Case Study: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation All level tracks
Predicting Threats For The Gates Foundation – Protecting Our People, Investment, Reputation and Infrastructure
Chris Sailer, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Online Ad Optimization
Case Study: Quantcast All level tracks
Real-Time Bidding: A New Era in Advertising
Michael Recce, Quantcast

Fraud Detection; Analytics Project Management
The Organic Evolution of a Data Analytics Team
Sarah Will, Elder Research, Inc.

Lifetime Value
Case Study: AOL All level tracks
How Much Are You Worth? – Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
Brett Cohen, AOL
Special Plenary Session
General Lessons We Can Learn From Blackbox Trading

Dr. John Elder, Elder Research, Inc.
Expert Panel
Big Data for Predictive Analytics

Moderator: Eric Siegel, Predictive Analytics World
Speakers: Gary Miner, StatSoft, Inc.
Satish Lalchand, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Eric Feinberg, ForeSee
Energy Management
Case Study: UCSD – San Diego
Supercomputer Center
All level tracks

Predictive Analytics for Smart Grids
Natasha Balac, UCSD – San Diego Supercomputer Center

Persuasion Modeling
(aka Uplift Modeling)

Case Study: Obama for America
Pinpointing the Persuadables: Convincing the Right Voters to Support Barack Obama

Daniel Porter, Obama for America
Big Data Quality
Case Study: Citibank All level tracks
The Importance of Data Quality
in the Context of Big Data

Raji Ramachandran, Citigroup
Bob Granese, Citigroup
Jagmeet Singh, Citigroup

Online Ad Optimization
Case Study: CompassLabs
Predictive Analytics in Social Media Advertising
Mahesh Kumar, Tiger Analytics

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