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Blog Partners

Datafloq offers information, insights and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. It is the best place to find talent, receive leads or share your knowledge with millions of users. Visit today for more information.

Natero is the only Customer Success Management software to combine predictive analytics, customer intelligence, and workflow management in a unified platform. This next generation solution helps B2B software providers prioritize, automate, and scale their Customer Success processes. Visit for more information. 

Beyond the Arc creates rapid wins through intensive data strategy and hands-on machine learning. Clients benefit from the team’s expertise in predictive analytics, strategic assessment, and analytics training. For clients, the impact can be seen in improvements to operational efficiency, marketing cost-effectiveness, and revenue growth.  

This year at PAW the Beyond the Arc team is sharing key learnings from their Roadmap to AI initiative. Check out http://RoadmapTo.AI and drop by their booth to discuss a data strategy that helps you reach your business goals. 

You can learn more about Beyond the Arc at or follow them on Twitter @beyondthearc. 

professionCube provides online line courses for hot professions. The recently released predictive analytics curriculum has 35 modules covering basic and advanced skills and knowledge, as well as critical tips for managers new to running predictive analytics projects. The predictive analytics blog will feature many of the latest techniques for driving business results through analytics projects.

'D’ of Things is the research and technology consulting organization specialized in all things related to data management. The site about all things data: Big, not so big, and small."

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