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In 2018, Dr. Data, aka Eric Siegel, broke the mold for data science infotainment, captivating the planet with short webisodes that cover the very best of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Update: The Dr. Data Show is now also a podcast! Click here to listen

See also Eric Siegel’s online course Machine Learning Leadership and Practice: End-to-End Mastery, which extends beyond these 10 videos to more than 140 videos of learning content.



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Eric Siegel, Ph.D., is a leading consultant and former Columbia University professor who makes machine learning understandable and captivating. He is the founder of the Predictive Analytics World and Deep Learning World conference series, which have served more than 17,000 attendees since 2009, the instructor of the acclaimed course “Machine Learning Leadership and Practice – End-to-End Mastery”, a popular speaker who’s been commissioned for more than 110 keynote addresses, and executive editor of The Machine Learning Times. He authored the bestselling Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, which has been used in courses at more than 35 universities, and he won teaching awards when he was a professor at Columbia University, where he sang educational songs to his students. Eric also publishes op-eds on analytics and social justice. Follow him at @predictanalytic.


Produced by Prediction Impact, Inc.
Hosted by Eric Siegel, Ph.D.
Written by Eric Siegel, Ph.D.
Edited by Gianmarco Lubiana, Kego Media
Dr. Data splash image design by Matt Kornhaas
Dr. Data emoji by Gertie Siegel
Song written by Eric Siegel
Song produced by Neil Cleary
Elevator music version: Hughie Stone Fish
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Founded by Eric “Dr. Data” Siegel, Predictive Analytics World is the leading cross-vendor conference series covering the commercial deployment of machine learning and predictive analytics. PAW featuring several events annually in the U.S. and Europe, including its annual flagship Machine Learning Week, which brings together five industry-focused conferences at once: PAW BusinessPAW FinancialPAW Industry 4.0PAW Healthcare, and Deep Learning World. For more information, see the PAW website.