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Wise Practitioner – Predictive Workforce Analytics Interview Series: Lisa Disselkamp and Tristan Aubert at Deloitte

 In anticipation of their upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Workforce conference co-presentation, Predictive Analytics Unlocks Sustainable Cost Reduction In Hourly Workforce, we interviewed Lisa Disselkamp, Director at Deloitte, and Tristan Aubert, Senior Consultant – Advanced Analytics & Modeling at Deloitte. View the Q-and-A below to see how Lisa and Tristan have incorporated predictive analytics into the workforce of

Wise Practitioner – Workforce Predictive Analytics Interview Series: Holger Mueller of Constellation Research, Inc.

 In anticipation of his upcoming Predictive Analytics World for Workforce keynote presentation, Why the Rapidly Changing World of Analytics Matters for both HR and Business, we interviewed Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst & VP at Constellation Research, Inc. View the Q-and-A below...

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