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3 years ago
Personalities That Are Barriers to Model Deployment (And How to Partner With Them) Part I: The Early Adopter


So you have gathered your data and completed your exploration and cleansing. You labored countless hours transforming the data and created a strong model that can revolutionize the way your company sees its clients, makes decisions and competes in your market. Yet, for all of your efforts, the model roll out is stalled. The numbers are good. You have charts illustrating the lift to the business. You have a compelling story. The presentation explaining the value is simplistic and eye catching without being too flashy.

But there is a stakeholder that lost focus, is not responding to messages with input for days or weeks at a time, and upcoming meetings seem to get bumped out time and again. They were supportive to start, eager to roll this out, yet there are key decisions that are needed and final support, but you can’t seem to get this person re-engaged to get the model across the finish line.

This article is the first in a three part series that will address three personalities that can impede, derail, stall and frustrate the model deployment process. Today we will talk about the Early Adopter.

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