Machine Learning Times
Machine Learning Times
What Percentage of Your Machine Learning Models Have Been Deployed?
  Do your models usually get deployed? Or are...
Video – Credit Models, Microfinance, and Improving the Lives of Families in the Developing World
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Credit Models, Microfinance, and...
Video – Identifying Program Effectiveness for Survivors of Human Trafficking from Muneeb Alam of QuantumBlack
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Identifying Program Effectiveness for Survivors...
Video – How to Use AI Ethically from Natalia Modjeska of Omdia
 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: How to Use AI...

3 months ago
Video – Alexa On The Edge – A Case Study in Customer-Obsessed Research from Susanj of Amazon

 Event: Machine Learning Week 2021 Keynote: Alexa On The Edge – A Case Study in Customer-Obsessed Research Speaker: Nathan Susanj, Applied Science Manager at Amazon Bio: Previously Nathan was a data scientist on the Wells Fargo Enterprise Analytics and Data Science team where he led a small team as head of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Capabilities Development, and was focused on building out Wells Fargo’s capabilities in areas related to NLP, deep learning and data science product design. Nathan holds a Masters in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University and is working on his second Masters in Computer Science

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