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4 years ago
The Ultimate Guide to Data Science Blogs


We’ve organized data science blogs across eight different categories: Machine learning, Hadoop, R, Python, business intelligence, data visualization, statistics, and a general data science bucket. Data about their reader count comes from Feedly.

This is a work in progress. If there’s a blog that you think is missing, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

If you’d like to subscribe to these blogs, here’s the OPML file. Upload it to Feedly and you’re good to go.

Data Science Blogs

Blog Name Category Readers Twitter
FlowingData Data Science 58000 @flowingdata
O’REILLY Radar Data Science 31000 @mradar
FiveThirtyEight Data Science 18000 @FiveThirtyEight
Big Data, Plainly Spoken Data Science 6000 @junkcharts
Data Science 101 Data Science 6000 @ryanswanstrom
Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media Data Science 6000 @matthewhurst
KDnuggets Data Science 4000 @kdnuggets
Pragmatic Programming Techniques Data Science 4000 NA
Math Babe Data Science 3000 @mathbabe
DataTau Data Science 2000 @_DataTau_
Pete Warden’s Blog Data Science 2000 @petewarden
The Yhat Blog Data Science 1000 @YhatHQ
Edwin Chen Data Science 1000 @echen
Facebook Research Blog Data Science 868 NA
The Shape of Data Data Science 846 @martingoodson
Sebastian Raschka Data Science 775 @rasbt
Dataconomy Data Science 649 @dataconomy
m.e.driscoll Data Science 523 @medriscoll
Analytical Worlds Blog Data Science 495 NA
Data School Data Science 387 @justmarkham
Dato Blog Data Science 384 @dataoin
Domino Blog Data Science 364 @DominoDataLab
Trevor Stephens Data Science 356 @trevs
The Unofficial Google Data Blog Data Science 355 NA
Trey Causey Data Science 339 @treycausey
DataAspirant Data Science 333 @dataaspirant
Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded Data Science 331 NA
Wellecks Data Science 299 @wellecks
Christophe Bourguignat Data Science 278 @chris_bour
Carl Shan Data Science 267 @carl_shan
Dataquest Data Science 259 @dataquestio
Sean J. Taylor Data Science 253 @seanjtaylor
Kevin Davenport Data Science 250 @KevinLDavenport
Becoming a Data Scientist Data Science 244 @BecomingDataSci
Confluent Blog Data Science 235 @ConfluentInc
Thomas LaRock Data Science 231 @SQLRockstar
Will Do Stuff for Stuff Data Science 217 @Rinze
Daniel Forsyth Data Science 206 @Daniel_Forsyth1
Sense Blog Data Science 188 @senseplatform
The Science of Data Data Science 188 @martingoodson
Dayne Batten Data Science 181 NA
Wes McKinney Data Science 159 @wesmckinn
Datascope Data Science 159 @DsAtweet
Daniel Nee Data Science 153 @nee_daniel Data Science 153 @randyzwitch
District Data Labs Data Science 192 @DistrictDataLab Data Science 142 @dzidorius
Emilio Ferrara, Ph.D. Data Science 139 @jabawack
Convergence of Data and Infrastructure Data Science 134 @kleegeek
Rocket-Powered Data Science Data Science 133 @KirkDBorne
Big-Ish Data Data Science 125 NA
Mode Analytics Blog Data Science 117 @ModeAnalytics
Text Analysis Blog Data Science 111 @_aylien
Solomon Messing Data Science 110 @SolomonMg
Airbnb Data Data Science 92 @AirbnbNerds
Diving into Data Data Science 68 @crossentropy
inFERENCe Data Science 66 @fhuszar
Ramiro Data Science 60 @yaph
Data Origami Data Science 56 @DataOrigami
The Data Incubator Data Science 43 @thedatainc
Startup.ML Data Science 36 @startupml
A Quantitative Journey Data Science 30 NA
Subconscious Musings Data Science 23 @SASanalytics
DataLook Data Science 23 @DataLook
Data Pipeline Data Science 23 @NorthConcepts
Ahmed El Deeb Data Science 17 @D33B
Sebastian Nowozins Slow Blog Data Science 7 NA
University of Wisconsin Data Science Data Science 2 @UWBigData
Cloudera Hadoop 4000 @cloudera
Horton Works Hadoop 3000 @hortonworks
Sematext Blog Hadoop 1000 @sematext
The Apache Software Foundation Blog Hadoop 1000 @TheASF
All Things Hadoop Hadoop 1000 @allthingshadoop
Planet Python Python 13000 @planetpython
John D. Cook Python 8000 @JohnDCook
The Django Blog Python 8000 @djangoproject
Popular Python Recipes Python 6000 NA
Doug Hellmann Python 4000 @doughellmann
Armin Ronacher’s Thoughts and Writings Python 3000 @mitsuhiko
Eli Bendersky Python 3000 @elibendersky
Ian Bicking Python 3000 @ianbicking
RPythonic Perambulations Python 2000 @jakevdp
PyPy Status Blog Python 2000 @pypyproject
Ned Batchelder Python 1000 @nedbat
Python Insider Python 1000 @PythonInsider
Python Tips Python 1000 @PythonTips
Real Python Blog Python 1000 @RealPython
The “Invent with Python” Blog Python 1000 NA
Mouse & Python Python 1000 NA
PyImageSearch Python 770 @PyImageSearch
Entrepreneurial Geekiness Python 423 @ianozsvald
Data Community DC Python 31 @DataScienceDC
R-bloggers R 15000 @Rbloggers
Revolutions R 6000 @revodavid
RStudio Blog R 2000 @rstudio
R-statistics R 1000 N/A
The Data Camp Blog R 489 @DataCamp
Data Analytics & R R 91 NA
Data Perspective R 28 NA
Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science Statistics 16000 @StatModeling
Simply Statistics Statistics 12000 @simplystats
StatsBlogs Statistics 1000 @StatsBlogs
Probably Overthinking It Statistics 1000 @AllenDowney
Three-Toed Sloth Statistics 1000 NA
Win-Vector Blog Statistics 1000 @WinVectorLLC
I’m a Bandit Statistics 886 @SebastienBubeck
Stats With Cats Blog Statistics 553 NA
Publishable Stuff Statistics 496 @rabaath
Count Bayesie Statistics 383 @willkurt
The Etz-Files Statistics 179 @AlxEtz
no free hunch Machine Learning 7000 @kaggle
Math Programming Machine Learning 5000 @MathProgramming
Daniel Lemire Machine Learning 4000 @lemire
Machined Learnings Machine Learning 4000 @PaulMineiro
Nuit Blanche Machine Learning 4000 @IgorCarron
Natural Language Processing Blog Machine Learning 4000 @haldaume3
Data Mining Research Machine Learning 3000 @DataMiningBlog
FastML Machine Learning 3000 @fastml
Geeking with Greg Machine Learning 3000 @greglinden
Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals Machine Learning 1000 NA
Machine Learning Blog Machine Learning 1000 @SQLServer
MATLAB Steve on Image Processing Machine Learning 1000 @SteveEddins
Julia Evans Machine Learning 1000 @b0rk
Adventures in Data Land Machine Learning 1000 @smolix
Tombone’s Computer Vision Blog Machine Learning 1000 @quantombone
Data Miners Blog Machine Learning 1000 NA
The Official Blog of BigML Machine Learning 949 @bigmlcom
Byte Mining Machine Learning 724 @datajunkie
MLWave Machine Learning 641 @MLWave
Talking Machines Machine Learning 623 @STlkngMchns
Deep Learnings Machine Learning 579 @Tim_Dettmers
TechnoCalifornia Machine Learning 324 NA
Tim Manns Machine Learning 268 NA
Louis Dorard Machine Learning 195 @louisdorard

CONTINUE READING: Access the complete list at blog.rjmetrics, where it was originally published

Author Bio:

Janessa Lantz
Director of Marketing

Without data it’s just an opinion, and there are too many opinions in marketing. Janessa Lantz helps marketers free themselves from guesswork, assumptions, and opinions and figure out how to use data to make smarter decisions. She loves nothing more than tearing apart a poorly made argument, and does so with the calm of a true sociopath.

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