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Machine Learning Times
How Machine Learning Works for Social Good
  Originally published in KDnuggets, Nov 2020. This article...
Diversity and Collaborative Problem Solving to Address Wicked Data Ethics Problems
 The complexity of the ethical issues facing professionals who...
Climate Tech Needs Machine Learning, Says PAW Climate Conference Chair
  Straight from the horse’s mouth – the founding...
Predictive Policing: Six Ethical Predicaments
  Originally published in KDNuggets. This article is based...

12 months ago
The ML Times Is Growing – A Letter from the New Editor in Chief

  Dear Reader, As of the beginning of January 2020, it’s my great pleasure to join The Machine Learning Times as editor in chief! I’ve taken over the main editorial duties from Eric Siegel, who founded the ML Times (also the founder of the Predictive Analytics World conference series). As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve renamed to The Machine Learning Times what until recently was The Predictive Analytics Times. In addition to a new, shiny name, this rebranding corresponds with new efforts to expand and intensify our breadth of coverage. As editor in chief, I’m taking the lead in

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