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Facebook Is Considering Facial Recognition For Its Upcoming Smart Glasses

 Originally published in BuzzFeed News, Feb 25, 2021. Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth told employees that the company is evaluating the legal and privacy issues around facial recognition for its upcoming wearable gadget. Facebook is discussing building facial recognition into its upcoming smart glasses product and has been weighing the legal implications of the controversial

Face For Sale: Leaks and Lawsuits Blight Russia Facial Recognition

 Originally published in Reuters, Nov 9, 2020. TBILISI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When Anna Kuznetsova saw an ad offering access to Moscow’s face recognition cameras, all she had to do was pay 16,000 roubles ($200) and send...

An Algorithm That ‘Predicts’ Criminality Based on a Face Sparks a Furor

 Originally published in, June 24, 2020 Its creators said they could use facial analysis to determine if someone would become a criminal. Critics said the work recalled debunked “race science.” In early May, a press release...

Big Tech Companies Back Away From Selling Facial Recognition to Police. That’s Progress.

 Originally published in Vox, June 11, 2020. After IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft upend their facial recognition businesses, attention turns to federal lawmakers. Microsoft president Brad Smith announced on Thursday that his company did not sell facial recognition...

Remember FindFace? The Russian Facial Recognition Company Just Turned On A Massive, Multimillion-Dollar Moscow Surveillance System

  Originally published in, January 29, 2020 Built on several tens of thousands of cameras and what’s claimed to be one of the most advanced facial recognition systems on the planet, Moscow has been quietly switching...