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Traffic Prediction With Advanced Graph Neural Networks

  By partnering with Google, DeepMind is able to bring the benefits of AI to billions of people all over the world.  From reuniting a speech-impaired user with his original voice, to helping users discover personalised apps, we can apply breakthrough research to immediate real-world problems at a Google scale. Today we’re delighted to share

How HBO’s Silicon Valley Built “Not Hotdog” with Mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native

 Originally published in Hacker Noon, June 26, 2017 The HBO show Silicon Valley released a real AI app that identifies hotdogs — and not hotdogs — like the one shown on season 4’s 4th episode (the app is now available on Android as well as...

Uncle Sam Wants Your Deep Neural Networks

   Originally published in NYTimes, June 22, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — The Department of Homeland Security is turning to data scientists to improve screening techniques at airports. On Thursday, the department, working with Google, introduced a $1.5 million contest to build computer...